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What is Bulbbot

What is Bulbbot?#

Bulbbot is a powerful, feature--rich Discord moderation bot providing server Moderators and Administrator with powerful logging features, AutoMod, moderation commands and users with miscellaneous commands such as /jumbo that enlarge their emojis for some extra fun!


  • Moderation commands#

    Bulbbot by default comes with all the moderation commands you need whether you have a server dedicated around discussing memes in the chat, or a passionate gaming community Bulbbot has you covered with both chat and Voice Channel moderation commands.
  • Powerful logging#

    Bulbbot allows server Administrators and Moderators to log almost all events in their server from moderation actions taken by their Moderators, to channel updates and role updates or even permission updates.
  • AutoMod#

    Bulbbot comes with AutoMod allowing users to set up curse words, mentions, invite and other checks win their servers all with customizable automated responses logged in a separate channel.
  • Others#

    Bulbbot isn't just moderation commands, logging and AutoMod, no, we've got countless other features such as automated roles on join, self-roles users can assign, our clearance system and many other features to make sure all the Discord communities can use Bulbbot seamlessly in their server.
  • It's Free#

    Have we mentioned Bulbbot is completely free? All of the core features are totally free and just certain commands locked behind a paywall to support us a developers. For more info read this.

Why wait?

You can invite Bulbbot to your server in just a few clicks and completely for free to make the moderator job on your server just a bit easier!