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Command List

  • Bulbbot's default prefix is ! unless you've changed it yourself using the !configure command. You can check Bulbbot's prefix in your server by mentioning @Bulbbot#1439
  • Bulbbot also offers commands via Discords slash commands /, for more info see this article about it
  • Arguments such as User or Member can be parsed multiple ways, either as a mention @KlukCZ#6589 or User ID 439396770695479297
  • The Time argument must be parsed as a standard moment time (1h, 30m etc.)

Emoji explanation

💰Command is premium only
👑Command is owner only

Command List

aboutReturns some useful information about the bot
githubReturn a link to the GitHub repository
inviteReturns the invite link for the bot and the support server
licenseReturns the license file for the Github repo for the bot
pingReturns the API and WebSocket latency.
privacypolicyReturns the privacy policy for the bot
uptimeShows the bot's uptime.
💰 banpool createCreate a banpoolname
💰 banpool inviteGenerates an invite code for the specified
💰 banpool listList all banpools
💰 banpool deleteDelete a banpoolname
💰 banpool removeRemove a selected guild from a banpoolguild_id name
💰 banpool infoGet information about a banpoolname
💰 banpool leaveLeave a
💰 banpool joinJoin a banpool using a generated invite codecode
💰 banpoolManage banpools
configureConfigure the bot.
👑 messageclearClears the selected amount of messages from our message databasedays
settingsGet the current settings for the server
channelinfoReturns some useful info about a channelchannel
charinfoReturns information about the characters providedcharacters
inviteinfoReturns information about the characters providedinvite
messageinfoReturns some useful information about a messagemessage_link
roleinfoReturns some useful info about a rolerole
serverinfoReturns some useful information about the current server
userinfoReturns some useful info about a useruser
avatarGets a users avatar pictureuser
idParse out the Discord id from any texttext
jumboSends a bigger version of the given emoji(s)emoji
permissionsGets permission names from a permission BitFieldpermissions
remind setSets a reminder for you to do something in the future.duration message
remind listLists all of your reminders.
remind deleteDelete a
remindReminds you of something in the future.
snowflakeGet information about a snowflake.snowflake
archive userRetrieve all archived messages from a useruser amount
archive channelReceive the archive of a channelchannel
archiveArchive commands
banBans the selected user from the serveruser clean reason
💰 crossbanCrossban a user across multiple serversuser reason
deafenDeafens a member from a Voice Channel they're connected tomember reason
infraction searchSearch for infractions by useruser page
infraction infoGet info about an infractionid
infraction claimClaim responsibility over an infractionid
infraction deleteDelete an infractionid
infraction updateUpdate the reason of an reason
infraction modsearchSearch for infractions by moderatormoderator page
infraction offendersearchSearch for infractions by offender.offender page
infractionManage infractions.
kickKicks the selected user from the servermember clean reason
lockdownLocks/unlocks the selected channelchannel lock
muteMutes the selected usermember duration reason
nicknameChange the nickname of a user.member nickname reason
prunePrune users from the serverdays roles reason
purge allPurge all messages from a channel.amount
purge userPurge messages from a user.member amount
purge botsPurges bot messages from the current channel.amount
purge containsPurges messages containing the query.query amount
purge embedsPurge messages with embeds.amount
purge emojisPurge messages containing emojis.amount
purge imagesPurge all images from a channel.amount
purge untilPurge messages from a channel until a certain message.message
purge betweenPurge messages from a channel between two messages.message1 message2
purgePurge messages from a channel.
slowmodeSet the slowmode for a duration
tempbanBans a user for a specified amount of timemember duration reason
unbanUnbans a user from the server.user reason
undeafenUndeafens a member from a Voice Channel they're connected tomember reason
unmuteUnmutes the specified user.member reason
verificationSet the verification level of the serverlevel
warnWarns the selected server membermember reason