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Internationalization and localization (i18n)


We utilize Crowdin for translation to make it easier for us (the developers) and for you (the translator).

How to get started translating the bot

  • Head over to and create an account
  • Select the language you want to translate (if your language does not show up please contact one of the developers in the support server and we will add it in) Select_Language

What do some of the tabs mean in the translating screen

Translating_Screen 1: Progress made (blue is pending approval, green is approved, grey is missing)
2: Search for a string
3: The current selected strign
4: Source string (in english)
5: Your translation
6: Suggestions made by the Crowdin AI
7: Comments made on that string by other users

How to translate

Translating singular words is easy, just translate the word in the box. It's as simple as that! Translating_Screen_Word

If the word has the green {{variable}} placeholders, don't translate them, but do include them. Like shown in the example below. Translating_Screen_Word_Variables

Don't forget to save before moving on the on the next word.

Error Messages

If you forgot to include a variable in a translated string this box will show up. Please include the variable in the string and the error will be resolved.