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About Bulbbot Premium

Do you ❤️ Bulbbot? Do you want to support the development of the bot and get some sick perks for your server(s)?

Just head over to our Patreon, purchase a tier and you'll be right be on your way to enjoying everything that Bulbbot offers.

After buying premium

After purchasing premium of any tier contact our Mod Mail#9192 (791331386379993088) and we will further assist you with getting access to premium in your server. Please use the following template when contacting our Mod Mail#9192 (791331386379993088) for better assistance.

**Premium purchase**
- **Server ID:** The server ID or IDS of the servers you want premium access for.
- **Tier Purchased:** The tier that you have bought.
- **Patreon Username/email:** The name or email of the account you used to purchase premium.
- **Other Information:** Any other questions/concerns you have.

Tiers and prices

We currently offer 3 different tiers, aimed to make everything available for everyone at a cheap price point. Therefore the only thing that changes in the tier list is the number of servers you get premium access in.

For only €2 a month you will get acess to:

  • 🛠️ Support the development of Bulbbot
  • ❤️ Discord supporter role in the support server
  • 👑 Access premium only commands in 1 server
  • ⭐ Early access to features in 1 server

You will only have access to premium as long as you have an active Patreon subscription with us.